Should We Get Married to Girls Younger to Us?

Avantika Mohan, the girl I’m married to, is just five months elder to me, and yet I can empathise to quite an extent with the French president Emmanuel Macron who’s married to Brigitte Macron, 24 years his senior. I can imagine the questions that he must have faced (although I can’t imagine the pointedness of […]

An open letter whoever is starting college!

When I was eight years old, all I wanted to be is a Tonga driver, with not the usual two but five horses, to be the emperor of Tonga drivers. I was unwaveringly committed to the cause. I would sit at the window and watch the thin yet muscled Tonga drivers navigate deftly through traffic. […]

The Boy Who Loved — An Exclusive Excerpt

1 January 1999 Hey Raghu Ganguly (that’s me), I am finally putting pen to paper. The scrunch of the sheets against the fanged nib, the slow absorption of the ink, seeing these unusually curved letters, is definitely satisfying; I’m not sure if writing journal entries to myself like a schizophrenic is the answer I’m looking for. But I have […]

Of Bali and Laziness

Coming back from The Menjangan was a little saddening; we had gotten used to the open blue skies and the ocean breeze. For the next two days, we had decided to put up at The Amala, a smallish villa-only resort at the edge of Seminyak. If you would have read the earlier two blogs, (here […]

Why Every Break-up is A Cause For Celebration

Love often gets a bad rap. Especially after a break-up when the cynics come out in droves and declare that true love only exists in books and in movies, that it’s fiction, a trap laid out by writers and poets, fooling, misguiding the guileless junta who don’t know any better. And there’s some truth to […]

What Almost All OTT Love Stories Get Wrong?

  If you happen to hang around people who work in the TV industry, you would know how scary are the words Lapsed Audience. Earlier lapsed audience use to mean the viewers who had migrated to shows on other TV channels in the same time slot (which could be quickly fixed with an animal attack, […]