My Next Book!

SUPER EXCITED. SUPER NERVOUS.  The Boy With A Broken Heart, a gut-wrenching story of a girl and a boy struggling to run away from their past and trying to start life afresh, is now up on pre-order ( The Boy With a Broken Heart is the sequel to #1 bestseller The Boy Who Loved. 

The Boy Who Loved | Hyderabad Book Launch

Went back to Hyderabad after two years! And like the last time it was an absolute joy to be there. I didn’t get the time to wander around the city but will definitely do so the next time around. Lots of love to all the readers who came. 💕

The Boy Who Loved | Pune Book Launch

Book launches in Pune are always a pleasure!  Started the book tour with Pune the last time around, and it was second on the list this time. Barely made it on time but it was fun. Somehow I never make it to Pune from Mumbai in the time that it takes other people. Even Google […]