Why Kuchh Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi is the best TV love story I will ever write.

Kuch-Rang-Pyaar-KeFor starters, I should make it amply clear that I’m all but an insignificant cog in the entire team that’s behind Kuchh Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, the 300-odd episode old daily soap on Sony TV. I write the screenplay for the show which effectively means my contribution to the able writing department of the show is at best a fifth (and zero to the production/direction department which does an incredible job as well). And since my contribution to the show is so little, I’m allowing myself to say that I’m a fan of the show without being a braggart. Despite my minuscule contribution to the show, I’m quite confident it will be hard to repeat the success of this show. When I say success, I don’t mean absolute numbers because it’s impossible to beat the Nagin’s or the Saathiya’s of Indian television. What I mean it is the sheer number of people who are in love with the characters played so aptly by Shaheer and Erica, and the hundreds of people who usually don’t see soaps tuning into watch KRPKAB on a daily basis.
Coming to the show, what works for me in the show (as a fan) are how Devrat and Sonakshi are as characters. They are riddled with flaws and that’s what makes them interesting. They are real and incorrigible and unpredictable. They falter repeatedly and don’t emerge as better as a consequence. They are stubborn, and they hold on to what they think it’s right. The truths for them are relative, even convenient. They see things from their vantage point. And that’s how people are. They seldom change after a certain age. What’s also refreshing to see is the arrogance in their love. They know for a fact that no one, absolutely no one, can love as they once loved each other, that despite how it ended, no one has felt the love they have. It’s the kind of arrogant, rude, superior love that lays waste the feelings of other people. It’s the kind where their falling in love is a favour to the world, something that gives them a legitimate reason to play truant with others and excuses them of all responsibility. It allows them to be moody, unreasonable and irrational. They allow themselves to be vindictive without reproach, hurt without guilt. They love deeply and passionately but that doesn’t make them kind, and that’s a welcome change. They seldom feel embarrassed about the things they do. They move on, brush them under the carpet like it didn’t happen, and that’s how most of us behave. When they fight, they pick the points that are most convenient to them, ignoring instances and arguments that don’t suit their side. They are throbbing with love, anger, jealousy and disappointment and they wear it on their sleeves.
It also helps that they look gorgeous together.
TV shows in India have a particular grammar and trajectory that’s hard to break. To bring a show like this to television itself was a brave decision by the producers (Mamta and Yash Pattnaik) and the broadcaster whose entire focus was to tell a good story. Since a show has to run for long for producers to turn in a profit on the risk taken, for the technicians to have a sense of security, and for the actors and the writers to gain a foothold in the industry, leaps and long separations become an integral part of storytelling. I think despite these challenges and hurdles, KRPKAB has achieved something that only a few daily shows do – repeat value. There are scores of episodes that you can watch repeatedly. At first, it seemed a little stupid that I was watching a bunch episodes repeatedly on YouTube, but I realised I was not alone. The views on the episodes on YouTube swing wildly meaning a lot of people are viewing a few episodes multiple times. That’s unprecedented for a daily soap. It will be unfair to not give Sony its share of credit for their handling of the show. Their only ask from the broadcaster’s production team is for a coherent, compelling and engaging story. The creative handling of the show from the channel’s side is on point.
Whatever the love KRPKAB receives from the audience is seen by a bonus by the entire team because it’s not often that a team that’s working for a show is incredibly proud of what they are putting on screen.


  1. The most refreshing and on point article I have read ever regarding #KRPKAB . Can’t thank you and everybody associated with this show enough. This the only TV show which I watch and have no complaints with. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful show.


  2. Wow…this is the best thing I could read today. ..
    What more better then knowing that your favourite show is written by your favourite author…Beautifully explained sir…jus loved this article 😍❤


  3. I am in love of this show.it really changed my perception towards life and relationships.i can corelate every character with me.while watching krpkab i never feel like a serial its something that is happening nearby .sooo much addicted Shaheeer and Erica are just perfect as Dev and Sona i just love both of them I salute to the entire team of krpkab.I am very thankful to all of u for blessing our life with this very beautiful show who genuinely changed my way of looking at life…Thanks a lot

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dis is one n only show dat I love 2 watch without skipping even single episode.I am literaly adicted to KRPKAB.Thank u so much fr giving such beautiful show.


  5. Dis is d only shw I watch it again n again..nd am not bored…totally injoying each nd every epsd…thnk u sir fr giving us a wonderfull she KRPKAB


  6. KR is a crazyyyyyy show. I work in morning shift so I sleep off by 8. The first thing I do when I get up at 2 in the morning is watch this show. This show is sooo addictive. Love love love it. Cannot go without watching it.


  7. Nice plot. Actually, I m seeing the dubbing version of this serial. But, unfortunately they have stopped telecasting the veera story on Hotstar( dubbed version). I am your fan.


  8. Plz sir don’t end this beatiful show..Come back wid krpkab season 2 with same cast n crew ..Please we promise to bless it with Trps now on.


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