Of Bali and Laziness

Coming back from The Menjangan was a little saddening; we had gotten used to the open blue skies and the ocean breeze. For the next two days, we had decided to put up at The Amala, a smallish villa-only resort at the edge of Seminyak. If you would have read the earlier two blogs, (here and here), you would know that this time around we had decided to have a quiet Bali holiday than going all out partying. IMG_7182
We left early in the morning and reached The Amala by 6. The entry to the resort is unassuming. To be honest, I missed the previous hotels despite the smiling butlers and the foot massage. I wanted to be back by the ocean again!dsc_7274IMG_7178
But all that changed the minute we were shown our villa. Frankly, it was much smaller than The Bale, but that’s what was most charming about it. It was a cosy little villa with the plunge pool almost right next to the bed. Imagine having a pool instead of a courtyard! It was beautiful. Our plans to go out in the night lay shelved as we thought it was better to float idly. Only like the best decision ever. I would have said it felt like my home-away-from-home, but I haven’t ever lived in a house this beautiful. But if I ever had a choice of what my house should look like, it’s this.IMG_7174dsc_7422The next morning, Avantika and I had a huge fight. She wanted me to make an irrational decision. To leave the plunge pool for a cooking class. Who in the right mind would take such a decision? Let me tell you who? The guy who’s on vacation with his pregnant wife and hence has no decision making power. So that’s what I did. I might have lost the battle but I wouldn’t lose the war, I thought and grumbled as we shopped for the ingredients for out cooking class. The charm of the market took over, but I steadfastly remained angry. It was only when we were given aprons, and I chopped the finest onions of the four of us in the class, that I realised it was hard to maintain a sullen demeanour. Maybe being a good cook was my superpower (look out Masterchef!)!  IMG_7180
dsc_7354We prepared a traditional Balinese meal. The four of us made it but I know for a fact it wouldn’t have tasted as good had I not helped!In the evening, we had a long lazy dinner at the restaurant and decided to go to Seminyak. The hotel offered us free drop service, and that made our life easy! We loaded up on knick-knacks for ourselves and for our family. We had decided to party that night, but the lure of our house seduced us back to the pool! The two days we spent at the Amala flew by in a jiffy. We were sad to leave, but at least we know where to stay the next time we’re in town.dsc_7274dsc_7354

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