Why Taking A Trip With Your Partner Is essential?

IMG_7344We all have our smartphones glued to our hands, our eyes barely flitting away from it. We can text the people we love, a few seconds later like their picture on Instagram, retweet their tweet a few minutes later, and be a speaking carrot for them over on Snapchat. We are constantly connected. There’s a dating-data-overload which envelops you, makes you believe you know everything about them. But do you really? Do you know how they have changed over the period you have dated them? How they have grown? What makes them tick now?
What you do know about them is their most recent moods, the current desires, the ‘now’ of them. Of course, there are weekends to know your loved one better, dig deep but they are too close to Mondays and Fridays for the humdrum of daily life to not spill over to the conversations. Time flies by when you’re cribbing about truant professors and insufferable bosses. Often the weekend is spent talking about how quickly the weekend is whizzing by. To truly get into meaty conversations, conversations that dig deeper than weekly happenings, online outrages, interesting but largely meaningless gossip, daily and old news, one needs to be sufficiently away from their work of study or work. We hardly know the beasts we become just to keep our heads above water all week. But the shackles are broken once you cradle that passport or Aadhar card (!), fill that immigration form (or not), and catch that flight out. Holidays make you feel freer, braver, keener to shed the mask that’s stuck to you like a pesky chewing gum after wearing it every day. There’s a sense of abandon that fills you up, and you find yourself introspecting more often, which makes you spill it out in front of them and vice versa.
The more time you spend with them on vacation, they better you see them, the peels slowly coming off. What is he like when he has nothing to do? What would she rather do if everything was taken care of? What does he talk about if he were to be stripped off his work obligations, the gossip of the friends’ group? Is she open to new experiences? If yes, what kind? What’s is his, as they call it, spirit animal? What does she truly love in me? What does he hate in me? What do we hate together? Can we sit silently for hours, do our own things, and yet be in absolute bliss?
All these questions only sprout in nothingness. And that’s what a holiday gives you – plenty of time in nothingness (yes, with lots of sightseeing and alcohol too). It’s in the nothingness that you’re stripped bare. As it’s in the movie, Shall We Dance?, we all need a witness to our lives (I’m paraphrasing). Sooner or later, you stop hiding behind your phones, you don’t bring up work troubles anymore, and the conversation veers towards just two people who had decided to get into a relationship vowing to know more about each other.  That’s not to say you can’t do it sitting in the comfort of the living room but travel catalyzes the process. Because what’s falling in love if not seeing the world in them, and with them.


  1. 100%true
    taking some time off the smartphone chat and spending time personally with loved ones is really more interesting and thrilling.


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