5 Impromptu Trips (outside India) You Can Plan With Your Friends NOW!

There’s only so many times you can just to go to Goa or Pondicherry in the middle of the night, right? Sometimes you might want to go somewhere farther away, stretch your horizons, and blow through your savings, flood Instagram with ‘vacay’ pictures because why not? As the parlance goes. YOLO. For moments like these, here are five trips (none of them require a VISA) you can take at a moment’s notice.

  1. Bali

The popular perception of Bali is of unending beaches and even longer parties. Though while that’s true, what’s often overlooked is how beautiful Bali is even without its beaches. Bali, unlike the rest of Indonesia, has an overwhelming Hindu population and it seeps into the architecture which is a mix of Javanese and Hindu motifs. The rock-cut sculptures are beautiful, almost aggressive, emotive, and loud. Even the houses look like temples, and you invariably walk into one only to find someone drying their clothes on a terrifying lion sculpture! It’s just worth it to go to Bali for a walk around its streets.

  1. Bhutan

It’s an unlikely place, but somewhere you wouldn’t regret going. You would need to take a taxi from the nearest airport (Bagdogra) and just the drive down along the tea plantations to the border will make your trip worth it. But it just keeps getting better. Both Paro and Thimpu are devastatingly beautiful. The entire country seems to like to have jumped out of a fairy tale! Everything is quaint and miniature sized. It’s so calm you will often find that you’re the noisiest there. No wonder it ranks high on the happiness index. A trek up to the Tiger’s nest is a must.

  1. Thailand

A much-maligned place because it’s a low hanging fruit for Uncles-going-to-Thailand-jokes. But that doesn’t take anything away from this land of beautiful beaches and the best parties you will ever be to. It’s heartening to see that Thailand is rebuilding its image as the beautiful, vibrant country that it is. It’s Asia’s Ibiza and might be even a step ahead of it. It’s a short flight away, and you would never want to come back! Pace your parties because they will wreck you! But if they do, it’s the absolute best place to take a long spa (which are as cheap as it gets!).

  1. Maldives

If you have had enough of trips that constitute of more alcohol you can keep track of, more parties than you can endure, you can make headway to this gorgeous archipelago. By far Maldives has the prettiest beaches that are dream-like, unreal. Water so blue and so clear you can watch your feet while wading from one island to another in chest high water, waving the others who choose to canoe. Snorkeling is something you shouldn’t miss out on while you’re there. It’s nature’s marvel.

  1. Dubai

Over the past few years, Dubai has risen in the ranks as a popular holiday destination and not without reason. Dubai has something for everyone. You can change gears from being on a relaxing holiday to one of their resorts to indulging on a shopping spree or making it into a party destination. It’s a mix of everything and will never disappoint! Though technically Dubai requires a prior Visa, you can get one the airport as well for 96 hours. Even if you don’t, the turnaround time for a Dubai is little.

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