Why Unrequited Love is bullshit.

As a romance writer, I know an unrequited love story – predictable as it might be – is a sure bet. A heart-breaking story of a maudlin on the inside, chirpy on the outside girl/boy who loves deeply, passionately, and self-destructively is what everyone latches on to. And why not? What’s not to love? Arijit […]

Should We Get Married to Girls Younger to Us?

Avantika Mohan, the girl I’m married to, is just five months elder to me, and yet I can empathise to quite an extent with the French president Emmanuel Macron who’s married to Brigitte Macron, 24 years his senior. I can imagine the questions that he must have faced (although I can’t imagine the pointedness of […]

An open letter whoever is starting college!

When I was eight years old, all I wanted to be is a Tonga driver, with not the usual two but five horses, to be the emperor of Tonga drivers. I was unwaveringly committed to the cause. I would sit at the window and watch the thin yet muscled Tonga drivers navigate deftly through traffic. […]

The Boy Who Loved — An Exclusive Excerpt

1 January 1999 Hey Raghu Ganguly (that’s me), I am finally putting pen to paper. The scrunch of the sheets against the fanged nib, the slow absorption of the ink, seeing these unusually curved letters, is definitely satisfying; I’m not sure if writing journal entries to myself like a schizophrenic is the answer I’m looking for. But I have […]

Of Bali and Laziness

Coming back from The Menjangan was a little saddening; we had gotten used to the open blue skies and the ocean breeze. For the next two days, we had decided to put up at The Amala, a smallish villa-only resort at the edge of Seminyak. If you would have read the earlier two blogs, (here […]

Why Every Break-up is A Cause For Celebration

Love often gets a bad rap. Especially after a break-up when the cynics come out in droves and declare that true love only exists in books and in movies, that it’s fiction, a trap laid out by writers and poets, fooling, misguiding the guileless junta who don’t know any better. And there’s some truth to […]