The Boy Who Loved.

A few days ago I ran a campaign on Instagram and Facebook asking my readers to pick out one out of four covers Penguin had designed for my next book. It was a little scary at first because I already knew which one I liked the best. But the jitters melted away within the first few seconds of posting the creative. The cover with the black background and the pink lettering won hands down.
Here are the other options:

TheBoyWhoLoved-3 (3)And this is the blurb of the book.
Cover Option 1The only thing you cannot plan in life is when and who to fall in love with . . .
Raghu likes to show that there is nothing remarkable about his life—loving, middle-class parents, an elder brother he looks up to and plans to study in an IIT. And that’s how he wants things to seem—normal.
Deep down, however, the guilt of letting his closest friend drown in the school’s swimming pool gnaws at him. And even as he punishes himself by hiding from the world and shying away from love and friendship, he feels drawn to the fascinating Brahmi—a girl quite like him, yet so different. No matter how hard Raghu tries, he begins to care . . . Then life throws him into the deep end and he has to face his worst fears.
Will love be strong enough to pull him out? 

The book is now up for pre-order on Amazon.
Every time I sign all the pre-order copies but this time around I thought of going a step ahead. So with every copy of The Boy Who Loved will come with two postcards. The first one will have a personally signed message from me to you. The second one will be with my address for you to write back to me. Let’s be pen pals this summer!


  1. It is so relatable.. We all have experiences and circumstances in life that harden us and then comes a point in life when we need to fear the fear and overcome it to embrace love in life


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