Samsung S7 – A year on.

Samsung S8 is going to release in a few days and despite its prohibitive cost I won’t be able to hold out for long because I know it’s going to be an amazing piece of superfluous tech which would seem absolutely necessary to my existence in a few months’ time. My love for Samsung devices started with Samsung S6 edge which I bought two of. Lost the first one to thieves and the second one just vanished into thin air. To punish myself for losing two high end phones I bought a Samsung A5 which seemed like carrying an alarm clock after the two phones I had gotten used to.

The alarm clock – Samsung A5

It wasn’t long after that Samsung released the best phone they had ever made – Samsung S7 Edge – and it seduced me with its AMOLED screen, a bajillion pixels, and a camera made of asteroid fragments. A gleaming obsidian blade like phone. Delicate but also waterproof. Tech from the future of the future, the next after the next. It made me aware of features I wasn’t aware I couldn’t do without. In the one year I have used it I have fallen in love with that inanimate, lifeless object. Now I read Huffington Post articles on how digital detoxes work on my phone.

Reading about digital detoxes.

P.S. – Typed on my phone. Excuse the brevity and the errors.

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