Hotel Rooms

Hotel rooms, or I like to put it, Hogwarts.
This is going to be a weird blogpost if you don’t share my fascination for hotels rooms. But what’s not to love? Shiny floors. Soft lights. Feathery beds. Clean bathrooms. Wake-up calls. Polite people. Room service. Room freaking service.

IMG_2978I have come a long way from taking along the sachets and little bottles of shampoos and conditioners that lay unused for years but I’m still the happiest the first three minutes I’m in any hotel room. I’m like, ‘This is mine. That study table where I’m going to read/write is mine. That bed is mine. Those soft towels arranged in that perfect order are mine. This is my space.’ Growing up it was understandable. Hotels, more often than not, were better furnished, air-conditioned free of cost, better lit, more comfortable than home. None of them apply any longer and yet I’m like a child in a candy shop. Of course, the standard I expect is higher but that doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t instantly fall in love with a smaller hotel room too. IMG_2982Also, Hotel rooms and urinals are the two places where you’re most likely to be reminded of saving water and not without reason. Lodgers tend to take longer showers in hotels and I’m guilty as charged. Put a glass wall between the television and the shower and I can spend the rest of my life there. I’m not proud of it but how does one leave that perfect water pressure, the constant temperature of water, the unblocked drain, and the warm lights. Usually I end up counting down to zero to keep myself from staying in a shower till I am a shriveled raisin. IMG_2983But the world’s an imperfect place and hotels have free breakfast. Or as I hear that word in my head – ash. I make sure I miss it every morning so I don’t have to deal with the disappointment of staring at chicken sausages and baked tomatoes and poha. IMG_2984
To finish off this weird blogpost I think its fair I count down the top three hotels I have ever been to. I would review them but you don’t review things you’re in love with. So here they are.

  1. The Residence, Zanzibar
  2. The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong
  3. ITC, Grand Chola


P.S – Typed on my phone. Please excuse the brevity and the errors.



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