The Girl of My Dreams.

The Girl of My Dreams, a romantic thriller, is my 13th book and releases on the 15th of October.

It is probably the hardest book I have ever written. It is my first thriller and I believe I have done a decent job of it. Having grown up reading thrillers I had always wanted to write one. The first week after the release will be pretty nerve wrecking. I would be cooped up at my place, refreshing Amazon to see the reviews. I hope the readers dig the book, at least not hate it a lot. It is not the first thriller that I have attempted to write; it is my sixth or the seventh. The previous attempts were egregious. I still intend to go back to them and see if any of those can be salvaged. But I guess that depends on how this book does.

The book is up on pre-order on Amazon. 🙂

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