An impromptu trip to Bali

We had earlier planned to go somewhere else but a last minute change took us to Bali, Indonesia. Avantika had been to Indonesia before but not Bali. I added another country to my list. But we should be the last people who should be asked what to do when in Bali. We didn’t see a single temple, snorkel-ed, deep dived or visited even the nearest beach. We ate (a lot!), drank (I think I am still hungover), slept, swam and got long massages. I have never been a fan of massages but Avantika drags me to one everytime we are on a holiday and now I think I am beginning to like them. Maybe it’s just a sign of ageing. Speaking of ageing, we partied like we were 21 and woke up with terrible hangovers. I wonder how we used to get away with drinking every night when we were younger. Luckily we got a cheap deal on a villa with a private pool and we made most of it during our dreary morning-afters. Silly pool games are our favorite thing to do. 🙂  Here are a few pictures.

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