In the air.

​20th February 2016 

First a note. All Air India flights I had taken in the last month were delayed by at least at an hour. So I felt smart when I booked myself on the Jet Airways flight from Indore to Mumbai even though there was an Air India flight leaving just ten minutes before the Jet Airways flight. 

And then the Murphy’s law struck. 

The Air India flight was on time and the Jet flight was delayed by an hour. 

To make things worse I lost the ridiculously expensive neck pillow I had bought the month before. Which meant I would be getting no sleep for another two hours. And I wanted to sleep! I had been up since 4 in the morning and spent the entire day consuming caffeine. To rewind a little bit I was in Indore for the book launch of Our Impossible Love, quite nicely managed by Readers Paradise. As always it was a pretty good experience and I look forward to going back to Indore some time and spend more time there. I got some sketches and a girl came all the way from Nagpur which was really sweet of her. She looked way fresher than I did. 

Coming back to the airport. Just ten minutes before boarding I met these guys in the picture. Arun. Abhijit. Saumya. Now only Arun had heard of me. And he too hadn’t read of my books. Arun told the other two about me which would have been amusing to them I am imagining. They Googled me and recognized me even without my make up on. A little later they came and struck up a conversation. They were probably the most interesting guys I have ever met on a plane. They had woken up at the same time, probably had a busier day than mine and were still bustling with energy. 

It will be very hard for me to explain to you what these guys do because it’s kind of complex and intelligent but let me try and break it down for you.

1. They run a start-up which revolves around the stock market. 

2. They are the youngest guys doing what they do. Which is take money, invest it, and make more money. 

3. Just go and watch Wolf of Wall Street. You will get the idea. 

4. They hadn’t heard of TVF Pitchers.

By the time we reached Mumbai I was glad I picked Jet Airways.

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