My Next Book!

SUPER EXCITED. SUPER NERVOUS.  The Boy With A Broken Heart, a gut-wrenching story of a girl and a boy struggling to run away from their past and trying to start life afresh, is now up on pre-order ( The Boy With a Broken Heart is the sequel to #1 bestseller The Boy Who Loved. 

The Boy Who Loved | Hyderabad Book Launch

Went back to Hyderabad after two years! And like the last time it was an absolute joy to be there. I didn’t get the time to wander around the city but will definitely do so the next time around. Lots of love to all the readers who came. πŸ’•

The Boy Who Loved | Pune Book Launch

Book launches in Pune are always a pleasure!  Started the book tour with Pune the last time around, and it was second on the list this time. Barely made it on time but it was fun. Somehow I never make it to Pune from Mumbai in the time that it takes other people. Even Google […]

Pictures from the Delhi Book Launch of The Boy Who Loved.

Delhi is home.  It’s where I grew up in, did my schooling, my college and my post-graduation from the city. Although I don’t spend enough time in the city anymore it still feels great to be there. It’s also where I first saw someone pick up my book from a roadside vendor. That’s what makes doing […]

The Boy Who Loved | Mumbai Book Launch

Mumbai. The city that I tried so much to hate but ended up falling in love with. Our love story is straight out of a cliched soap opera. Always fun and humbling to do book launches in the city where I had done my first book launch! 

Now Reading.

It is hard to review books of this stature so what I will do instead is drop in links of reviews that would be closest to what I think of the book. 

Why Unrequited Love is bullshit.

As a romance writer, I know an unrequited love story – predictable as it might be – is a sure bet. A heart-breaking story of a maudlin on the inside, chirpy on the outside girl/boy who loves deeply, passionately, and self-destructively is what everyone latches on to. And why not? What’s not to love? Arijit […]